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Write Your Book, Publish It the Right Way, & Launch Your Career As a Successful Author!

As a writer, your job is to imagine. So put Your Passion on the Page and Get Your Message to the World... AND live the writer’s life you’ve always imagined.

Let Me Ask You a Few Questions, Do you...
  • Have a book inside you that’s aching to get out?
  • ​Dream of getting published... without the typical head-banging and runaround?
  • ​Want to be recognized as an authority in your field?
  • ​Want a proven system to write, publish, and sell your books?
  • Believe your message can make a difference in someone’s life?
  • ​Long to create a full or part-time BUSINESS as a writer?
  • Wish you could ​eliminate the obstacles standing in your way, once and for all?
  • ​Desire to earn significant influence, impact, and income from writing a book ?

If you answered yes to any of those questions you're in the right place... We’re looking for a few inspired and creative minds who are hungry to get their message out to the world and make an IMPACT!

We’re looking for a few inspired and creative minds who are hungry to get their message out to the world and make an IMPACT! 

"People were crying — they were so excited to read my book."

“It was unreal going to my live event and seeing crowds of people buying my books and waiting in line for me to sign them and get pictures. People were crying—they were so excited to read my book. Something I dreamed about for years finally came true. Kary and his team made all this possible.”
Rachel Pedersen, Author
Because of her book, Rachel has increased her monthly reach to 13 million people. She’s been featured in Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Today, and US Weekly. And she’s landed multiple top Fortune 500 clients.
"The best publishing decision I could ever make."

“Partnering with Kary and his team was the best publishing decision I could ever make. His unique model is exactly what I needed.”

Jim Edwards - Author
Proven Success
Because of his book, Jim was featured in the NY Times, Entrepreneur Magazine, and countless other publications. He became the co-creator of Author Wizards and Funnel Scripts, the #1 push-button online sales copywriting solution. Jim sold over 20,000 copies of his books within 6 months of release. He’s helped hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs start and grow their online businesses.
"...people want to shake my hand, take a picture, and they want a copy of my book!"

“I knew I had a book in me. People kept telling me ‘you have to write a book!’ I just didn’t know how to do it. I was stuck. Kary mapped it out for me and held me by the hand every step of the way. Now whenever I speak, people want to shake my hand, take a picture, and they want a copy of my book!”
Amy Schmittauer Landino, Author
Because of her book, Amy has received invitations to speak at conferences all over the world. She was featured in Inc. Magazine and received foreign book translation offers from around the world including Slovenia, Indonesia, Turkey and more. Global high performance super-coach Tony Robbins reached out to Amy to teach his exclusive Business Mastery Clients. Her book remained on the Bestseller List for over a year.

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During uncertain times, the worst place to be is at the mercy of someone else. Take control of your future by getting your message out into the world and create the destiny you want.
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